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Fort Totten Series:  Spectral Beam #1
Fort Totten Series: Spectral Beam #1
Watercolor, oil pastel, colored graphite, and spray enamel on archival paper
21” x 25”

Fort Totten Series: Spectral Beam #1 is the first of two mixed-media paintings that reference my experience and observation of Light during my walks to my neighborhood park, Fort Totten. During the height of the pandemic, I used this park as a refuge and space for direct inspiration for the work, with all of its gestural trees, open landscape, and natural sounds of the birds speaking and winds blowing. What I did not expect to inform the work was moments of my seeing refracted light while filming. Glimpses of spectral colors, or “rainbows” popped into my view as I was recording sound and space, and served as an anchor for my interest in conveying spiritual Light in the work.